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Hanging Out

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  • Happy New Year

    One of my favorite things, if not my favorite thing, about taekwondo are the friends we have made at the studio.  Nothing says “friends” like kicking each other in the head followed by a glass of wine.  Hopefully, in that order and not the other way around.

    This year we brought in the New Year with some other friends and families from the studio.  We stayed up late talking, laughing, playing Just Dance and Rockband, and listening to Nathanael play the piano.  It was the perfect mix of “grown up and kid” or maybe it was just grown ups acting like kids.  Whatever it was, it was fun and a perfect way to usher in 2011.

    Happy New Year!

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  • Christmas

    Christmas Eve


    If my tree was a store it would be a Goodwill.  Chipped ornaments hang along side well loved paper wreaths made by little hands with a few old but fine ornaments hidden within the branches.



    Christmas Morning




    I wonder how the stock market is doing?


    Meow Cow and I have a moment.
    (“What the hell is this weird woman doing?”)






    I found a “purple shirt with a cool design”.  Supposedly, purple is “in style”.



    Legos are ALWAYS a hit.


    I think GG liked her bag.


    The youngest old man and his slave sidekick.

    It was a simple but very good day.

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  • Rainy Monday

    er, Wednesday…

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  • Saturday

    It’s rare Brent and I get a day to spend together alone at leisure.   So rare that when it happens, it feels like we’ve been sent out on a scavenger hunt without directions.   Where to go?  What to do?  Saturday in our hunt for adventure, we ended up at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.   In high school, this was one of my favorite places to go and escape my teenage angst.   As an adult it’s a perfect place to slow down and  hold my husband’s hand while glimpsing  into the worlds of others.



    IMG_8424 IMG_8427IMG_8430

    On the 3rd floor, right before being getting in trouble for taking pictures.



    Can you imagine the chaos if there were such things as winged cats.  They would take over the world.


    IMG_8432 IMG_8431

    After the museum we headed over to Broad Ripple to share a pizza at Bazbeaux and a walk along the canal. 


    As if the day couldn’t have been more perfect, we slipped into Indy CD and Vinyl where there was live music (and strange things called “records”).  Mike Reeb was playing an acoustic set of original material and this Radiohead cover.


    Days like this.  Love them.

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  • Taking off the the Top Hat

    I’m always the last to know.  It’s really quite pitiful.  Years ago when someone told me Paris Hilton was put in jail I responded “Really? When?”

    “A week ago.”  Followed by that all too familiar “which rock do you live under” look.


    Such was the case with the Top Hat Burger Palace.  For the last ten years I’ve been telling myself I want to try one of those burgers.  Recently, we heard Top Hat might be closing so today while downtown I noticed that it was open.   Excited and in my best Larry the Lobster voice I said, “Hey boys.  You guys wanna try a burger from  Top Hat?”  Of course, they did.  In fact, they were shocked that I was even offering.

    I promise they were more excited than they look in this picture.

    We get up to the stand and I order a burger.  “We’re out.”


    I find out that today is Top Hat’s last day so I ended up ordering a large fry instead of burgers.  I told you I’m always the last to know.

    While we waited for the fries, the boys read free real estate magazines that they grabbed from one of those corner newspaper boxes.  Maybe they’ll find us house so I can move out from under my rock.


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  • Catch Up.

    I know I said I would be blogging more (and I will) be but this past month I have had a good excuse: the tenants moved out of our rental.  Never ever buy income property unless one it actually produces income and two you can afford the maintenance.  Live and learn.  So the first two weeks of August I was down at the rental cleaning and painting, cleaning and painting, and cleaning and painting.  My mom and dad were here for a visit and helped out as well.  Thanks guys!!!!  We appreciate it SO MUCH!!!!  The new tenants moved in last weekend.  That should mean everything should be good right?  No.  Thursday afternoon we found out there was a gas leak and Brent spent the afternoon helping the plumber to dig a trench to replace it.  Friday the gas was turned back on but then we received a message that the water heater needs more ventilation.  Oh and there’s the screen door we still need to replace.  And the window.  The blinds got stuck.  The carpet still smells.  Every time my phone rings I jump thinking someone is calling to tell me a crocodile has crawled out of the toilet into the bathroom.

    At home the boys have been playing Legos NONSTOP.  Like Older Brother’s seat?  It’s an empty planter.  Yes, that’s a robe he is wearing.  “Rich guys” wear them even robes with race cars on the front.


    They’ve made some really great creations including mansions, an rv, an airport, a toy store.  In fact, we have a Lego city spread out through our home.  Here is a close up of the restaurant in the living room.


    “I’m rich.  I’m not poor.  I work here because I want too.  I actually work here for free.” The exact words I heard Big Brother’s Lego restaurant worker say to Little Brother’s Lego guy.  Interesting customer service.

    This same restaurant worker has a billboard size painting of himself in the town.


    They’ve been playing Legos so much, younger brother’s new line of defense is, I won’t play Legos with you ever again.”  This always gets older brother upset.  He comes running, “Mama make him play Legos with me.”  Of course this just reinforces younger brother’s get-what-I-want-tactic works.    But they always make up.  See?  That purple thing is a massager.  I even think I heard Noah say sweetly, “I’ll always be your servant.”  Jessica, sound familiar?


    Sunny is always nearby.  Sometimes right there watching the action or sleeping or disassociating.


    Speaking of pet’s coping mechanisms.  Check out Nigel.   I think he’s having a mid-life crisis.  Instead of a small sports car he found a small box.  That’s a faucet box, half his size.


    Nigel is looking old.  Brent said, “I know he looks old but when I look at him I still see the same cute pup we got 9 years ago.”  Awwww….so sweet.  I hope he feels the same way about me in 30 years.

    That’s all for now.  I’ll catch you up on the fair and our taekwondo testing later this week.


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  • Date Nights

    With the boys this weekend.  Let’s be real, this is really more about a date night with daddy than with mommy.  Friday night Brent and Noah went to Hometown Buffet to use Noah’s ‘free buffet” coupon that he got for reading at school.  Nathanael sweet talked me into going thru the Taco Bell Drive thru.  Then we sat at the breakfast nook and he had a million wonderful questions until Noah came home singing about the dessert bar at Hometown Buffet.  Meltdown.

    Saturday was Nathanael’s night with daddy.  I had a buy one get one free coupon for TGIFridays so they went there but not until after the great debate on China Palace vs. Mike’s.  (Nathanael said we were being cheap since we mentioned Mike’s….um…yeah we are.)   I guess TGIFridays was a good choice after all because Nathanael came home wildly excited about the sliders describing them in great detail.  Noah really wanted to go to Taco Bell with me but I had a coupon for a free burrito from a small hole in the wall place so we decided to try something new.  He was excited because it was called “Santa Cruz” and he thought it was hilarious to keep saying that we were on our way to the island.  (The Channel Islands are right off the coast of Ventura.)  Once we got there it was closed.  Good thing McDonald’s was near.  Since the back seats were down in the back of the van we had a “pic-nic” in the Target parking lot.
    He thought it was great fun.  I was just happy no one could see me inhaling my Filet-O-Fish.  Oh yes!

    We went into Target to look for coasters.  We didn’t find any but I did find a set of Corelle dishes for 50% off.  We’ve needed new dishes for a couple of years.  That is if 10 year old dishes with rust spots all over the edges constitutes “need”.  Since when did ceramic rust???  I’ve been searching the internet just to make sure I got a good deal and I can’t find a set nearly this pretty for less than $50 and I paid $35.  Of course, if you want to show me up then send me the link b/c I’m always game for saving more!!!  Anyway these are the dishes I got but I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them.
    What do you think???

    We also worked on the house a bit this weekend. The bathroom is almost done.  Two years later.  And I put the second coat of paint on two of our walls.  A year later.  My genius husband also hung the curtain rods he made from supplies from Lowes for LES THAN $20!  We saved a bundle since we needed loooooong rods for our front room windows.  I sewed some curtains all by myself without the help of my mom (or Aimee D.)!  They look great from 5  feet way.  Actually we don’t like them.  They are too busy with our new super duper awesome chairs.  Say hello to Sunny, aka, Mr. Magnificent.
    We are planning to take a trip down to the fabric district in LA sometime soon so I can get some inexpensive fabric. We can’t find anything we like here in town and curtains at the store are soooo expensive.   Last visit to the fabric district we really scored with the glittery bright red shag fabric.   What. Were.  We. Thinking?

    I also scored again on freecycle and got a free television for our garage. This is so I can test and review (at least that’s the idea) workout videos for which, by the way, is well on it’s way to becoming  We are also looking forward to trying P90x when it gets here.  😉

    Oh yeah.  The other day in the car I asked Nathanael if he thought he would move far away when he grew up?  He said very matter-of-fact without looking up from his game, “I’ll live in California but I’ll probably live in Beverly Hills or some place like that.”



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  • Materialism and Metaphysics

    A few weeks ago Nathanael was elected class treasurer.  The days leading up to the election were stressful as he prepared and fretted over getting elected.  The day of his speech he wore his suit.  Of course.  This is his speech in his own words.

    I am a nice smart boy.  I like rich people stuff. Also I like money and would not miss a payday.  I like to buy things.  I would be (best) for the job because I like to remind Mrs. Hoffman stuff like What day it is on the board.  Changes I would make would be giving us more money or lowering prises (prices) so we could afford it.  I would also have SSR so we could have more time to read.  I would also have homework passes so we could have a break.  And lastly share day every other friday for 5 kids.  And that is the end of my speech and I hope I convinced you to vote for me! See ya later!

    The day after winning the election Nathanael decided to wear his suit jacket and tie so he would be dressed properly “for work”.  I’m glad my son is confident and I’m thrilled he wants more time to read but I’m not so sure about the current obsession with buying things.  We are trying to convince him that the millionaire next door drives a dumpy car and lives in a modest house because he is investing and not spending.  But he likes “fancy” things.

    Noah, on the other hand, has been more interested in the metaphysical world.  Just yesterday he was asking Brent about Heaven.  He wanted to know if we could come back, go where we want to, see people still on earth and so on.  Brent told him that he didn’t know and the Bible doesn’t give us many details about that stuff.   Noah responded, “Then go online.” I wish it was that easy.  I have a few questions I’d like to email God.

    We had a nice Easter today.  This morning we got up early and went to sunrise service at the beach.  It was so beautiful despite being a little chilly.  Later we went back to church and then visited our friend, Lucille.  The afternoon was spent napping on the couch, hunting for Easter eggs, and cooking.  Simple.  Wonderful.

    (Brent’s been updating pictures on Flickr.  You don’t want to miss those!)

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