When I am breaking down a scene for an acting class or an audition, I look for the characters motivation. What is causing them to speak and behave as they do? Well right now, I’m totally clueless as to my motivation for starting a blog. A friend of mine said blogging sometimes felt like a job. What!!! A job!!! Noooo!!! I, like everyone else I know, am pressed for time as it is. Right now, I should be tucked in my bed getting my beauty rest, so I don’t have to lay on the couch for ten minutes with cold green tea bags over my eyes trying to get rid of puffiness while my boys snicker and point at me like I have booger the size of a raisin dangling out of my nose. My motivation must be love, I guess. Love for my husband and my boys. If that love gets me writing down stories from their lives, then that’s all I need, no one has too ever read it. But if that was my only motivation wouldn’t I just keep a journal? So it must be a love from my family and friends. I say “from” instead of “for” because I am blessed to be loved by so many people who might care to know about what happened while I waited 10 minutes to get a sample of penne pasta with mushroom sauce at Trader Joes. And then maybe there’s a wee wee bit of self love too, because sometimes, not often, but occasionally, I have a fleeting thought of, “Hey, I am kind of cool even if it’s an awkward cool and I can, on rare occasions, be witty!” For those who have heard me criticize blogging…well…I put my foot in my mouth.