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"love word"

The other day I took Nathanael and Noah to Toys R Us to spend Nathanael’s birthday money. After two hours, I’m not kidding TWO HOURS (who’s says I’m not patient) of helping Nathanael to decide on what he would purchase, I hobbled on sore feet to the checkout line.

We were waiting in line when Nathanael asks very matter-of-fact as if he is asking me if I like ketchup on my fries, “Mom you’re hot? Huh?”

“What?”, I ask, caught off guard.

“Not hot like the temperature hot,” he continues.

What? Where is this coming from I’m asking myself. Looking for someone to blame I immediately I feel like beheading Hannah Montana for corrupting my sweet innocent baby. I’ve never even seen the show, but I don’t like that she wears a long blond wig when she has perfectly beautiful natural brown hair. It’s just a disguise my friends say. I don’t care. She could have chose those black plastic glasses with the plastic nose attached.

In the car I ask Nathanael a few questions to try and find out where he heard the word “hot” in that context. I also ask him if he knows what it means. He says he heard it at school. Then smiles and says, “It’s kind of a love word, huh, Mom?”

“Yes honey. People say it when they think someone is really really beautiful,” I say.

Then he says, “I sort of wish I would have gotten the remote control boat.”

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  • bicycle

    Noah: Bicycle from Jenn Nims on Vimeo.

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