Christmas Card 2008

Christmas Card 2008

Hello Family and Friends,

Hard to believe another year is “In the can”. Here are our highlights from 2008:

IMG_2934.JPG Nathanael, our little eccentric one, is enjoying third grade. The thing he’s currently “into” is limousines. He draws them and talks about them, or plays with his toy limo daily. For his 8th birthday his GG and TT (great grandparents) surprised him with a limousine ride. Maybe one day he’ll have his own. When I asked him what he wanted to be this year for Halloween he responded, “Bill Gates”. He has also grown into an AVID reader and will regularly sit down and read an entire “chapter book” in one evening.

Noah 6 Noah officially “graduated” from preschool in June and is now a bonafide Kindergartner. He has made this transition rather well and every morning when he walks into class he is greeted with many many “Hi Noah”s from his classmates. Where as as Nathanael wants to be Warren Buffet, Noah wants to be a Jedi Knight. He spends many hours practicing moves, playing with his Lego Star Wars figures, and video games.

This year we have really seen a great camaraderie take shape between Nathanael and Noah. Some days hours will pass before we are summoned to play referee. We have also seen a new concern for others develop as they deliver groceries with Jenn weekly (without much complaint) to home-bound elderly women. These two points of growth alone have brought us so much joy.

In November Jenn competed in (and won) her first figure competition (probably not what you think it it’s one step removed from body building)! What a huge accomplishment that was and a success on so many levels but mostly it was a huge exercise in discipline and showing determination to finish. She’s been keeping a blog on her journey to health and fitness at The changes she has made in her own health have had such a profound effect upon her that she has decided she wants to help others reach their own goals in health and fitness. She will complete her personal trainer certification in early 2009.

Brent continues to work hard at growing NimsMedia. We have been blessed with many great clients and projects. Our One Million Children project (documentary film) is finally nearing completion and we’re looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us in 2009. Brent also continues to enjoy playing in the worship band at church, taking photos of well… anything (check out our photostream here), and tackling the few remaining projects for our home renovation (come on housing market!!!).

Balch Park This summer we launched head-long into our newfound favorite family activity with the purchase of a ’93 Jayco pop-up trailer . We enjoyed trips to Refugio State Beach, Cachuma Lake, and Balch Park in the Sierra Nevada mountains where we camped in the midst of the Giant Sequoias. It’s great to be together as a family and get a break from all the responsibilities of home life, and to be in the beauty of God’s creation.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you in the New Year. It’s going to be a great one!

Merry Christmas,
The Nims