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The Baby and The Bat

Noah loves to play “The Baby”. If you have played it with him you know “The Baby” can get intense. Thankfully he was a much easier baby than the one he pretends to be! The Baby started as Baby Bat. We’d lay in bed and I’d be Mommy Bat and Baby Bat would cuddle in his mommy’s wings. I loved being Mommy Bat so much a bought a t-shirt with bats on it. They weren’t serious bats though. Mommy Bat is much more serious than the bats on her shirt.

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  • Enchihuahua

    Some call it lies. I call it imagination.

    We are all driving home from the gym when Noah exclaims I saw an “enchihuahua!”

    “You did! Where?” I ask.

    “We just passed it”, Noah continues.

    “Are you sure?” Daddy asked.

    “Yes, it was black,” says Noah.

    Being animals lovers, we turn around and start looking for the “enchihuahau”. But there is not a dog in sight.

    Noah says very seriously, “It went behind the building.”

    Fooled again…

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  • I scream. You scream.

    We all scream for ICE CREAM. Today, Nathanael and I found a brand new, still in the packaging, Rival ice cream maker at the Goodwill store today for $3.99! That’s less than one scoop with 3 mix-ins from Cold Stone. You would of thought I gave Nathanael the keys to his very own us Toy R Us when I said we could buy it! We brought it home and Brent was equally excited exclaiming, “It’s new. It’s even still in the plastic wrap,” as he opened up the box. Mmmm…I want organic 😉 homemade peach ice cream!

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  • One Million Children Blog

    We are going on an adventure you can read about it here one million children

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