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2 Boys, 2 Pugs, & a Shopping Cart

The boys like walking the dogs but when Brent said they could put them in an empty shopping cart you would of thought he offered them a trip to Disneyland!



Make sure you wash that produce when you get home because you never know.

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  • Taking off the the Top Hat

    I’m always the last to know.  It’s really quite pitiful.  Years ago when someone told me Paris Hilton was put in jail I responded “Really? When?”

    “A week ago.”  Followed by that all too familiar “which rock do you live under” look.


    Such was the case with the Top Hat Burger Palace.  For the last ten years I’ve been telling myself I want to try one of those burgers.  Recently, we heard Top Hat might be closing so today while downtown I noticed that it was open.   Excited and in my best Larry the Lobster voice I said, “Hey boys.  You guys wanna try a burger from  Top Hat?”  Of course, they did.  In fact, they were shocked that I was even offering.

    I promise they were more excited than they look in this picture.

    We get up to the stand and I order a burger.  “We’re out.”


    I find out that today is Top Hat’s last day so I ended up ordering a large fry instead of burgers.  I told you I’m always the last to know.

    While we waited for the fries, the boys read free real estate magazines that they grabbed from one of those corner newspaper boxes.  Maybe they’ll find us house so I can move out from under my rock.


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