I know I said I would be blogging more (and I will) be but this past month I have had a good excuse: the tenants moved out of our rental.  Never ever buy income property unless one it actually produces income and two you can afford the maintenance.  Live and learn.  So the first two weeks of August I was down at the rental cleaning and painting, cleaning and painting, and cleaning and painting.  Plus, we had to handle some plumbing issues, so I called a maui plumber to help out. My mom and dad were here for a visit and helped out as well.  Thanks guys!!!!  We appreciate it SO MUCH!!!!  The new tenants moved in last weekend.  That should mean everything should be good right?  No.  Thursday afternoon we found out there was a gas leak and Brent spent the afternoon helping the plumber to dig a trench to replace it.  Friday the gas was turned back on but then we received a message that the water heater needs more ventilation.  Oh and there’s the screen door we still need to replace.  And the window.  The blinds got stuck.  The carpet still smells.  Every time my phone rings I jump thinking someone is calling to tell me a crocodile has crawled out of the toilet into the bathroom.

At home the boys have been playing Legos NONSTOP.  Like Older Brother’s seat?  It’s an empty planter.  Yes, that’s a robe he is wearing.  “Rich guys” wear them even robes with race cars on the front.


They’ve made some really great creations including mansions, an rv, an airport, a toy store.  In fact, we have a Lego city spread out through our home.  Here is a close up of the restaurant in the living room.


“I’m rich.  I’m not poor.  I work here because I want too.  I actually work here for free.” The exact words I heard Big Brother’s Lego restaurant worker say to Little Brother’s Lego guy.  Interesting customer service.

This same restaurant worker has a billboard size painting of himself in the town.


They’ve been playing Legos so much, younger brother’s new line of defense is, I won’t play Legos with you ever again.”  This always gets older brother upset.  He comes running, “Mama make him play Legos with me.”  Of course this just reinforces younger brother’s get-what-I-want-tactic works.    But they always make up.  See?  That purple thing is a massager.  I even think I heard Noah say sweetly, “I’ll always be your servant.”  Jessica, sound familiar?


Sunny is always nearby.  Sometimes right there watching the action or sleeping or disassociating.


Speaking of pet’s coping mechanisms.  Check out Nigel.   I think he’s having a mid-life crisis.  Instead of a small sports car he found a small box.  That’s a faucet box, half his size.


Nigel is looking old.  Brent said, “I know he looks old but when I look at him I still see the same cute pup we got 9 years ago.”  Awwww….so sweet.  I hope he feels the same way about me in 30 years.

That’s all for now.  I’ll catch you up on the fair and our taekwondo testing later this week.