Okay, so you know how I can be sort of frugal or as some would say cheap? Well the other day I took a deep breath pulled out my plastic and bought a $159 Zeno or zit zapper. “She’s” a device that look sort of like a cell phone that has a warm tip that you put on your zit for 2 1/2 minutes twice a day. She is supposed to make it go away in about 24-36 hours instead of 1-2 weeks. Anyway, after using Zeno a few times, I thought to myself, “She is just heat. Why did I pay $159 for a hot plate the size of an erasure tip?” So I plugged in my curling iron and set it to low heat. A few minutes later I started tapping a zit on my chin. I had to tap because it was too hot to set the curling iron on the blemish. At first it really hurt but after a few taps it went numb and so I kept tapping away determined to prove to Zeno she was worth no more than a $9.99 curling iron. Well, later that afternoon, I glanced into my visor mirror and thought, “What the hell is that?” Now instead of a tiny little red pimple, I had a small but shiny blister on top of the pimple. I could just hear Zeno’s snickery beeps when I turned her on that night, “I told you so.”