For me, the problem with blogging is that I want to share what’s been going on with us (why I started in the frist place) but when we have a lot going on I don’t have time to blog. Much less put the time and energy into writing an entertaining blog. So here is a quick update. The boys are out of school right now for fall break. They had a blast spending time with their weewah and papaw who just left today. Last week was super duper busy for me. I took an improvised movie workshop at Second City. Basically, in five days we created and filmed an improvised short. It was an amazing experience. For me, there is something exhilerating in experiencing the characters and story growing organically through collaberation with the directors and other improvisors. That week I also had an interview with a well known commercial casting director as a personal assistant. I couldn’t take the job as she wanted me to work from 9-7 everyday. But I made the contact and she asked me if I would be interested in coming in on an as needed basis. Today, the boys and I went to the library for storytime and then down to a little tiny bakery for cookies. It was one of those perfect mornings where I was easily satisfied with life, nothing like cookies, curious (well-behaved) children, and the smell of libraries.