Nathanael had a sale today. Around noon he set up a makeshift table in the back yard with old toys. I mentioned, that I didn’t think his chances of getting customers were very high with it set up out back. So he moved it to the front and proceeded using his own marketing techniques such as shouting in a voice laced with annoyance, “I’m having a sale today. Everybody can come.” As the minutes wore on and customers didn’t flock as expected, Brent overheard him singing a blue-sy song about nobody coming to his sale.
I said a quick prayer asking God to bring a customer. I guess God wanted him to learn more about perseverance than instant success. (I know the frustration that comes with this lesson.) After 1/2 hour, or so, I heard him shouting again with even more annoyance, “That sale is over in ten minutes, if you want to come and buy anything.” Then ten minutes later he came in demanding 2 pieces of Halloween candy. I saw there was more going on than wanting Halloween candy and asked what was wrong. His eyes welled up with tears and he said “Nobody is coming to my sale. I yelled that it was going to be over in 10 minutes and nobody came.” He continued through his tears, rather defiantly, “Put up a closed sign.” Humph…take that!