Yesterday, Noah asked me to play a game with him. I walked into his room and he had spread the contents of the SORRY game all over his bedroom floor. We set it up and began to play. He was actually into the game, only distracted by Sunny, our cat, who he had caught and put on my lap. In the end, it was close. Both of our last pawns were in or nearing the SAFETY ZONE. There would be no reason to switch with an 11 card and the SORRY card was a passed turn, so it was just a matter of being lucky enough to draw the right number to bring our pawns into home. Noah was so excited, certain he was going to win. I began to worry because it really looked like I was going to win. We ran out of cards and I picked them up to shuffle. Should I let him win or should I let him learn it’s okay to lose? Being a little brother he already loses a lot. Quickly, I glanced at his pawns, one had seven spaces and the other had one space to move to be in home. I needed three spaces to bring lone pawn into home. I saw if I set the cards down the way they were, I would draw a 3 on my next turn and win. I also saw a one and a 7 near the top. Very discreetly, I put the 1 on top, then a invalid SORRY card, followed by a seven.
“Noey, it’s your turn.”
He drew a 1 and moved a pawn into HOME. My turn.
“Oh I drew a SORRY card. Can’t move. Your turn.”
His large baby hand picked up a card. He has to focus to be able to pick on one and not the entire pile.
“Look you drew a 7, count the spaces for you last guy. He’s HOME, you won!!!”
Noah jumped up, punched at the air with glee, shouted, “I won, I won!”

I used our game experience later that night in my musical improv class. We had to talk about an event in our day and then sing a chorus that summed it up. My chorus went like this:

Sometimes it’s better to lose.
Sometimes it’s better to lose.
If you know what’s best for you, you will try it too.
Sometimes it’s better to lose.

I was actually funny but one those things where you had to be there!!