Right now we are in Indiana and will be here for 3 weeks. So far it’s great. We got here Saturday and it’s been warm, really warm, for December. Today, my mom, sister, Nathanael, Noah and I went to an aquarium in Cincinnati. I love river towns. Looking at them transports me back in time and I start imagining my life as Huck Finn. I also love aquariums. Some people may find them sad and I can understand their point. But since I am afraid of the ocean and would never scuba dive, I enjoy peaking into the other world that makes up most of earth. Saw lots of amazing creatures that one would expect to see at an aquarium.  Posted by Picasa

We got to pet some sharks, they felt a little like a cats tongue.  Posted by Picasa

Santa made an underwater visit.  Posted by Picasa

But the highlight for me was a rain forest exhibit that was filled with, not fish but, Lorikeets. We fed them nectar from little cups. Noah thought they were tops.  Posted by Picasa

Nathanael was nervous thinking they might bite.   Posted by Picasa

I found them funny, full of personality. Posted by Picasa

Now I want one (along with a penguin), but we have trouble enough finding babysitters for our furry family when traveling, so I don’t think that would be wise. Nevertheless they were fun. The boys had a great time and it was fun being with my sister and mom. Now if only we could adjust to the time change.  Posted by Picasa