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It’s a wrap. Not really, but we did just finish our first day for the short film Brent and I are shooting. And it feels really good. For those of you who don’t know, a few months ago, I set a goal to write and shoot a short film within a year. I was thinking that it would happen this spring, but the idea came for a quirky comedy and we had a trip to Indiana planned for Christmas so we thought let’s just shoot then. It sounded easy enough. So far, things have been coming along smoothly. Everybody we asked to play parts said yes, we got the locations, some wonderful friends loaned us some equipment, our family has been supportive, and we captured a lovely sunset from on top of the water tower yesterday. It was an experience. We harnessed ourselves and climbed staight up the center of the tower though a tall tube. When we got to the top we opened the hatch and then connected ourselves to the top of the tower about 150 feet above ground. On top of the tower we have about a 4 foot circle to move around on. All for two seconds of sunset. It was the first time I have ever seen Brent scared and confirmed to us his fear of heights. At one point, I suggested a certain angle and he responded, “How about action and you just start acting,” as he gripped the flagpole in one hand and the camera in another. It was “classic” as he says. When we came down I felt closer to him than ever! Back to today, our first full shoot day. We shot at “Junebug’s” house, that is my Grandma Webb’s house. Junebug is playing the part of the grandma in the movie. We had a ball. Even if the film stinks, I will have some funny memories of Junebug and I cracking up. Our enormous crew of…two…Brent and I set up about 10 am and finished tonight around 10 pm. We did take a 3 hour break to go say hi to the boys and go to the grocery store with my dad. I believe we shot seven scenes today. We took care of the lights, sound, costuming, hair and make-up, continuity, cinematography, directing the actors, ect… I feel like a true “independent” filmmaker…he he…we are not doing anything by the book at this point. Hell…who needs a marker? It’s fun and satisfying. The only thing that is missing (besides a buget) is our friends. I look forward to fumbling through the next filmic adventure with a few friends by our sides and on the set!!