A Star Wars show is not your ordinary night at the theatre. A Star Wars show is theatre at it’s best. Darth Vader, played passionately by Nathanael Nims, battles Luke Skywalker, Noah Nims. They battle, dying and overcoming death again and again. And again. Noah Nims captures the complexity of Luke as he struggles not to be overcome by the dark side. His light saber although mostly blue, changes to red when the pressure to join the dark side becomes to overcome. Nathanael Nims taking on dual roles as Vader and the director, plays Vader with and an unmatched intensity. He astounds the audience with his amazing ability to direct and act at the same time switching roles seamlessly. You’ll be at the edge of your padded seat wondering, “Who will win?”

Running at the Nims Family Theatre for one night only. To get to the theatre just follow the post it notes labeled “Star Wars Show”.