Nathanael lost a tooth yesterday. Here was his letter, ALL in his own words, to the Tooth Fairy and her, really his, reply to him.

May 5, 2007
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost a tooth and I have a big hole! I can fit a straw through it. I like having a big hole in my mouth. Have you ever lost any teeth? Where do you live? I’m hoping to get some money for my tooth. How do you get to our house? In kindergarten we thought you rode on a motorcycle to our house (that was not noisy). My teacher, Mrs. Stein, she read a tooth fairy story about you riding a motorcycle. I think you look very very pretty. Do you live in a mansion? I know that I have a lot of questions. Are you ok with that? Do you have a computer? Do you have a husband? Do you have Valentine’s Day and Christmas, and Thanksgiving Day and Easter? We like doing that. Do you have an office? Do you make lots of money? Do you have lights in your home?
Please answer these questions, all of them. Thank You
Nathanael Nims

Dear Nathanael,
I’m so happy to hear that you lost your tooth without actually loosing it this time… searching around the ditch at your grandma’s house was a lot of work!
I’m also glad you are finding the hole in your teeth useful by inserting a straw there. It must be nice to be able to smile & drink through a straw at the same time!
You like to ask a lot of questions, don’t you? That’s great. It’s so important to ask a lot of questions in life. I’m afraid I can’t answer all of them though, because some tooth fairy things are very secret. When I was a young tooth fairy I did loose my baby teeth, just like you. Then my tooth fairy came and took each tooth to our tooth treasury where we keep all our prized tooth collections. That’s so funny that you thought I rode a motorcycle! Ha Ha .That seems like a crazy way for a fairy to get around, don’t you think? I love to fly. I have wonderful fairy wings that carry me from place to place and keep me safe from harm. Thank you for your compliment, I think you are a beautiful little boy. My house is not large by human standards, but it is beautiful and peaceful and I love it very much. I wish you could visit but I’m afraid no human could ever venture there, it’s a secret!
I do not have computer, though I enjoy using the computers at the people I visit’s homes. In fact, I’m typing this on your daddy’s computer right now! These keys sure are hard to push though. I have to jump from letter to letter! I’m not married. I am a young fairy. We have different holidays from you but we do like to celebrate the birth and resurrection of our savior Jesus. We don’t call it Christmas & Easter though. I don’t have an office, my work is done in homes like yours where I find children’s teeth and leave rewards in return. We tooth fairies make a good living collecting and trading teeth. Of course I have lights in my home, I especially like to use candles.
Thank you for the beautiful tooth.
God Bless You
The Tooth Fairy