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Tooth Fairy

Nathanael lost a tooth yesterday. Here was his letter, ALL in his own words, to the Tooth Fairy and her, really his, reply to him.

May 5, 2007
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost a tooth and I have a big hole! I can fit a straw through it. I like having a big hole in my mouth. Have you ever lost any teeth? Where do you live? I’m hoping to get some money for my tooth. How do you get to our house? In kindergarten we thought you rode on a motorcycle to our house (that was not noisy). My teacher, Mrs. Stein, she read a tooth fairy story about you riding a motorcycle. I think you look very very pretty. Do you live in a mansion? I know that I have a lot of questions. Are you ok with that? Do you have a computer? Do you have a husband? Do you have Valentine’s Day and Christmas, and Thanksgiving Day and Easter? We like doing that. Do you have an office? Do you make lots of money? Do you have lights in your home?
Please answer these questions, all of them. Thank You
Nathanael Nims

Dear Nathanael,
I’m so happy to hear that you lost your tooth without actually loosing it this time… searching around the ditch at your grandma’s house was a lot of work!
I’m also glad you are finding the hole in your teeth useful by inserting a straw there. It must be nice to be able to smile & drink through a straw at the same time!
You like to ask a lot of questions, don’t you? That’s great. It’s so important to ask a lot of questions in life. I’m afraid I can’t answer all of them though, because some tooth fairy things are very secret. When I was a young tooth fairy I did loose my baby teeth, just like you. Then my tooth fairy came and took each tooth to our tooth treasury where we keep all our prized tooth collections. That’s so funny that you thought I rode a motorcycle! Ha Ha .That seems like a crazy way for a fairy to get around, don’t you think? I love to fly. I have wonderful fairy wings that carry me from place to place and keep me safe from harm. Thank you for your compliment, I think you are a beautiful little boy. My house is not large by human standards, but it is beautiful and peaceful and I love it very much. I wish you could visit but I’m afraid no human could ever venture there, it’s a secret!
I do not have computer, though I enjoy using the computers at the people I visit’s homes. In fact, I’m typing this on your daddy’s computer right now! These keys sure are hard to push though. I have to jump from letter to letter! I’m not married. I am a young fairy. We have different holidays from you but we do like to celebrate the birth and resurrection of our savior Jesus. We don’t call it Christmas & Easter though. I don’t have an office, my work is done in homes like yours where I find children’s teeth and leave rewards in return. We tooth fairies make a good living collecting and trading teeth. Of course I have lights in my home, I especially like to use candles.
Thank you for the beautiful tooth.
God Bless You
The Tooth Fairy

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  • Rock the Casbah

    We spent Thursday evening in Santa Barbara as family at our friend’s, Casson and Anna, art gallery opening. (There are some pictures.) Nathanael and Noah had fun time looking at the art in the gallery, eating chocolates, running around the fountain in the courtyard (which Noah fell into to…brrr.), eating chocolates, chasing other kids, and eating chocolates. After the opening, we decided to have dinner with friends at Chef Karim’s, a Moroccan restaurant. For those of you who have never experienced eating at a Moroccan restaurant there are usually a few key differences. They typically wash your hands at the table. You often sit on the floor or on cushions or benches around a low table. You eat with your hands. And there is usually….a belly dancer. Which brings me to the point of this post. We had just finished our appetizers when the belly dancer came out to entertain us whirling and snaking around the room with her scarves and finger cymbals. A happy and playful dancer, probably about 50, she kept asking Nathanael and Noah to dance with her. Each time the looked wide eyed and shook their heads no as if asking them if they wanted to kiss a cobra. Across the room a large party of about 20-30 decided to liven up the restaurant and got up to dance with the belly dancer. At which point the host came over and asked me to join them on the floor. I reluctantly got up and after a moment motioned for my crew to join me. Brent got up to get his groove on and, as most of you know, Noah was then only a step behind. Noah ran up and began to dance and smile with so much joy that people who were having fun started having even more fun watching him. That’s when Nathanael couldn’t take it anymore. Nathanael, a usually shy child in public places, marched onto the dance floor and started doing a Moroccan version of the Can-Can. (He had just learned the Can-Can in music class that day and earlier that afternoon he had been busy teaching Noah the kicks.) The belly dancer was so impressed with his moves that she grabbed his hands and led him into the center of the circle of people. Always the artist, he danced his Moroccan Can-Can with the seriousness of a first chair violinist in an orchestra. He kicked and shimmied as hard and fast as his little body would go. When the music ended the room broke out in applause and he looked confused trying to decide if he should be proud and smile, or be embarrassed. Of course we told him how wonderful he was and then ate our meal of lamb, rabbit, chicken, and beef which was very tasty and satisfying. But not nearly as satisfying as spending the evening smiling and laughing with people I love and watching our little artist create the Moroccan Can-Can.

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  • Star War Show

    A Star Wars show is not your ordinary night at the theatre. A Star Wars show is theatre at it’s best. Darth Vader, played passionately by Nathanael Nims, battles Luke Skywalker, Noah Nims. They battle, dying and overcoming death again and again. And again. Noah Nims captures the complexity of Luke as he struggles not to be overcome by the dark side. His light saber although mostly blue, changes to red when the pressure to join the dark side becomes to overcome. Nathanael Nims taking on dual roles as Vader and the director, plays Vader with and an unmatched intensity. He astounds the audience with his amazing ability to direct and act at the same time switching roles seamlessly. You’ll be at the edge of your padded seat wondering, “Who will win?”

    Running at the Nims Family Theatre for one night only. To get to the theatre just follow the post it notes labeled “Star Wars Show”.

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  • Serious Shirts

    The other day, I noticed a kid at the boys school wearing a shirt with two pandas on the front. Not cartoony pandas. They were serious pandas, like photographs. He was leaning his back up against a tree with his long skinny twelve year old legs crossed as he watched other kids run around with each other. He was wearing basic jeans, basic black hightops, basic black sunglasses with a neoprene leash attached, and his deep red serious panda shirt. To me, he stood out among the Old Navy, Element, Gap, Volcom, t-shirt kids. A non-conformist. But not the sort of non-comformist who conforms to a group of non-comformists. He made me think of Toby from Jr. High. Toby always wore serious wolf shirts. Toby was a non-conformist too. He walked fast down the halls between classes. REALLY FAST, like was on the last leg of a power walking race, his expression more serious than the wolf on his shirt. I never saw him doing anything thing else except “Tobe-ing” down the halls. One time, I thought I would impress my friends and get a laugh so I stepped into his path on his way to class. BAM, I hit the floor. He ran into me like a car busting through a barracade in an action movie. He didn’t even use his arms, just shoved me out of the way with the velocity of his torso barreling down the hall and never blinked an eye. My friends thought is was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Inside, I felt sort of bad for being an ass and, in a wierd way, I secretly admired him. Not for his social skills but for wearing serious wolf shirts when everybody else sported Hyper Color and IOU shirts. I like animal shirts, have quite a few, but they aren’t serious animal shirts. There is a BIG difference. Maybe serious animal shirts will become the next identity of a new subculture. I wonder what sort of music the serious animal shirt group would listen to? I wonder where Toby is now?
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  • Take 2…3…4…5…6…91

    Originally uploaded by bnims.

    It’s a wrap. Not really, but we did just finish our first day for the short film Brent and I are shooting. And it feels really good. For those of you who don’t know, a few months ago, I set a goal to write and shoot a short film within a year. I was thinking that it would happen this spring, but the idea came for a quirky comedy and we had a trip to Indiana planned for Christmas so we thought let’s just shoot then. It sounded easy enough. So far, things have been coming along smoothly. Everybody we asked to play parts said yes, we got the locations, some wonderful friends loaned us some equipment, our family has been supportive, and we captured a lovely sunset from on top of the water tower yesterday. It was an experience. We harnessed ourselves and climbed staight up the center of the tower though a tall tube. When we got to the top we opened the hatch and then connected ourselves to the top of the tower about 150 feet above ground. On top of the tower we have about a 4 foot circle to move around on. All for two seconds of sunset. It was the first time I have ever seen Brent scared and confirmed to us his fear of heights. At one point, I suggested a certain angle and he responded, “How about action and you just start acting,” as he gripped the flagpole in one hand and the camera in another. It was “classic” as he says. When we came down I felt closer to him than ever! Back to today, our first full shoot day. We shot at “Junebug’s” house, that is my Grandma Webb’s house. Junebug is playing the part of the grandma in the movie. We had a ball. Even if the film stinks, I will have some funny memories of Junebug and I cracking up. Our enormous crew of…two…Brent and I set up about 10 am and finished tonight around 10 pm. We did take a 3 hour break to go say hi to the boys and go to the grocery store with my dad. I believe we shot seven scenes today. We took care of the lights, sound, costuming, hair and make-up, continuity, cinematography, directing the actors, ect… I feel like a true “independent” filmmaker…he he…we are not doing anything by the book at this point. Hell…who needs a marker? It’s fun and satisfying. The only thing that is missing (besides a buget) is our friends. I look forward to fumbling through the next filmic adventure with a few friends by our sides and on the set!!

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  • Feathery Fun & Fish

    Right now we are in Indiana and will be here for 3 weeks. So far it’s great. We got here Saturday and it’s been warm, really warm, for December. Today, my mom, sister, Nathanael, Noah and I went to an aquarium in Cincinnati. I love river towns. Looking at them transports me back in time and I start imagining my life as Huck Finn. I also love aquariums. Some people may find them sad and I can understand their point. But since I am afraid of the ocean and would never scuba dive, I enjoy peaking into the other world that makes up most of earth. Saw lots of amazing creatures that one would expect to see at an aquarium.  Posted by Picasa

    We got to pet some sharks, they felt a little like a cats tongue.  Posted by Picasa

    Santa made an underwater visit.  Posted by Picasa

    But the highlight for me was a rain forest exhibit that was filled with, not fish but, Lorikeets. We fed them nectar from little cups. Noah thought they were tops.  Posted by Picasa

    Nathanael was nervous thinking they might bite.   Posted by Picasa

    I found them funny, full of personality. Posted by Picasa

    Now I want one (along with a penguin), but we have trouble enough finding babysitters for our furry family when traveling, so I don’t think that would be wise. Nevertheless they were fun. The boys had a great time and it was fun being with my sister and mom. Now if only we could adjust to the time change.  Posted by Picasa

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    Yesterday, Noah asked me to play a game with him. I walked into his room and he had spread the contents of the SORRY game all over his bedroom floor. We set it up and began to play. He was actually into the game, only distracted by Sunny, our cat, who he had caught and put on my lap. In the end, it was close. Both of our last pawns were in or nearing the SAFETY ZONE. There would be no reason to switch with an 11 card and the SORRY card was a passed turn, so it was just a matter of being lucky enough to draw the right number to bring our pawns into home. Noah was so excited, certain he was going to win. I began to worry because it really looked like I was going to win. We ran out of cards and I picked them up to shuffle. Should I let him win or should I let him learn it’s okay to lose? Being a little brother he already loses a lot. Quickly, I glanced at his pawns, one had seven spaces and the other had one space to move to be in home. I needed three spaces to bring lone pawn into home. I saw if I set the cards down the way they were, I would draw a 3 on my next turn and win. I also saw a one and a 7 near the top. Very discreetly, I put the 1 on top, then a invalid SORRY card, followed by a seven.
    “Noey, it’s your turn.”
    He drew a 1 and moved a pawn into HOME. My turn.
    “Oh I drew a SORRY card. Can’t move. Your turn.”
    His large baby hand picked up a card. He has to focus to be able to pick on one and not the entire pile.
    “Look you drew a 7, count the spaces for you last guy. He’s HOME, you won!!!”
    Noah jumped up, punched at the air with glee, shouted, “I won, I won!”

    I used our game experience later that night in my musical improv class. We had to talk about an event in our day and then sing a chorus that summed it up. My chorus went like this:

    Sometimes it’s better to lose.
    Sometimes it’s better to lose.
    If you know what’s best for you, you will try it too.
    Sometimes it’s better to lose.

    I was actually funny but one those things where you had to be there!!

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  • Advertisment

    Here is the postcard for the short I did at Second City. It was a blast.

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  • Good Friends

    We spent the afternoon with our dear friends, Casson, Anna, and Sammie in Marina del Ray. They just moved back to CA from NYC. It was fun and relaxing to feel the freedom to be ourselves. Later, Anna came with me to watch my improv show at Second City. What a love. Because it was a little “shaky”. She also gave me a designer bag she had designed. My first real designer bag and designed by a friend. Anna you are a super love. 😉 Nathanael and Noah had fun until they got tired. I had fun until I had to ride home in a messy car with wrappers crackling under my feet.

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  • Army Cat

    Noey were walking through our neighborhood yesterday when he exclaimed, “Look mama there’s an army cat!” I looked to where he was pointed and there sat a rather round orange and brown calico cat watching us walk by as if he was guarding his porch. Noey then asked, “Where’s his gun?”

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